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Virtual Audience is our innovative platform, purpose-built to create an interactive and engaging experience for users.


The platform has been designed to bring an immersive show experience to audience members and participants, whilst in the comfort of their own homes; as seen on a number of prime time television shows such as, Britain's Got Talent, The Voice UK, Sports Personality of the Year and more.

features and capabilities

ask a questoion

Creates a list of questions from users that can be moderated and delivered to a presenter output.

secure login

Secure login that supports two-factor authentication.

branded platform

Entirely customisable and interactive live streaming platform.


Multi-lingual subtitling can be overlaid on your live stream and on-demand content.

additional features

raise a hand

Ask a question live on screen.

ticketing integration

Integration with third-party ticketing systems to create new users and log in credentials.


Customisable user login experience.


The ability to trigger a live poll that users can answer and we receive live data from the users.

chat support

Technical support for users during login and during the show.

email integration

Ability to bulk send customised emails to users with individual log in credentials and clickable links.

donate function

Integration with Stripe payment platform.


Privacy notice and show specific T&C's for user login.

video player features

turn camera

on / off

flip device camera front / back

control mic

mute / unmute

volume manager

what can be branded?

  • Login and landing page

  • Countdown page

  • Live stream page

  • End slate - this can also include clickable links

  • Holding slates

customisable elements

  • Text font and colour

  • Background image or design

  • Borders

  • Clickable links

  • Dynamic slates, to include video and links

custom branding


multiviewers & hotseats

Large video walls with hundreds of audience members


Completely customisable in size, scale and layout


Built for broadcast

(no annoying name tags in the corner or auto shuffling of people)


Ability to take the dedicated feed of any audience member as a hotseat, whilst leaving the Multiview untouched.








Socket io




difference in video types


  • Super Low Latency (Less than 0.5 seconds)

  • Can receive web cams and mics from all users

  • Perfect for contribution and interactive shows and events


  • Offers a higher quality video and audio output

  • On-Demand

  • Greater delay, making it more ideal for users that are only viewing the show

  • No ability to receive user’s camera and audio

states grid.png


  • We can support production driven HTML pages that can be switched to viewers at any time

  • A state can be fully customisable to include content ranging from simple countdown pages, documents or even interactive games

  • States can be used to top and tail video content or interspersed to drive engagement with key information.

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