bespoke solutions
Are you in need of a solution that's custom to your requirements?
Or maybe you're not quite sure how to tackle your next project? We're here to help!
At Innovate Live we specialise in making the complicated jobs fun, by creating innovative and bespoke solutions to cater to our clients requirements.

what we do

We're built around the idea of using technology creatively, to deliver bespoke solutions for programs and events.

Our team loves to develop new ideas and ways of delivering solutions, ranging from Virtual Santa’s Grottos and interaction game show streams, to live music performances with a live virtual audience (the first of its kind).

what is our virtual production suite?

Virtual production suite is a series of cloud machines and software packages combined, to allow for complex productions, using the power of cloud computing.

Integrating directly with our Virtual Audience solution, we are able to bring in any number of feeds to work with productions of any size. This can be deployed for either a stand alone production, or as an MCR to distribute and create multiple versions of programs.

MicrosoftTeams-image (27).png

case study

  • three day virtual cycling tour

  • live feeds from 65 cyclists and 15 Directeur Sportifs

  • two remote live commentators

  • program produced entirely in the cloud

  • branded and un-branded versions of the program output

  • delivered live to BBC iPlayer, YouTube and international third parties

  • graphics integration for dynamic lower 3rds

  • multiple spectator PCs and instant replay capabilities